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The Perfect Drip

Amy Coyle

Posted on October 22 2017

Drip Cake


I get asked this question regularly, "How do you achieve the perfect Drip?"...so here it is!

When the drip cake trend came out about 2 years ago (I hope its here to stay) i tried and tested a few methods, i failed a lot and used many different ingredients and products. I am going to go through 2 different ways i achieve this effect, all guaranteed to look fab!

So lets start with the foundation, the cake. In order to have a neat and "drippy" drip your cake needs to be as smooth as possible, whether its a sugar paste, ganache or buttercream finish spend time to create a smooth and flawless finish.

I have tried royal icing to create a drip and although it worked there was very little control over the flow and it came our very runny even though it was a thick mix, I think that is due to the drying time or royal icing v chocolate as chocolate can set very quickly!

Recipe & Method

So in order of my preference of methods here they are with ingredients:

1. Ganache - 200g Chocolate and 8/9 Tablespoon of Double cream. After a while you wont need to weigh your ingredients as you will know the correct consistency, I have melted the chocolate in the microwave but always prefer Bain Marie. Simple Boil a pot of water,Sit a Pyrex bowl on top and add your chocolate, once melted i turn down the heat and add 6 Half of my Double Cream, stir and once combined i add the rest. I then colour it with gel paste, Usually Pro-Gel by Rainbow Dust.

2. Thinned Chocolate- 200g Chocolate and 1 table spoon of Coconut oil/ Veg Oil. Using the melting method as above once your chocolate is melted add all your oil and combine. As this will be runnier than the ganache method just set the chocolate aside in the fridge for 5-8 mins to firm up a bit. This method is great for Vegan drip as you dont need any dairy if using Dark Chocolate.

Vegan Chocolate drip

Dripping The Drip

Now this is the fun part, dont be a prefectionst, these cakes are great for looking whimsical and almost messy.

My favourite way to add drip is with a teaspoon as you have maximum control of what you dispense, using a piping bag can work too.

I always do the drips first then fill in the top of the cake, you can also just add a few drips and leave it at that. When applying the drip always start from the back (every cake has a back!) to test out consistency, pour a tiny amount from the edge of the cake and let it fall, always try alternate between long and short drips or no drips at all.

Once all your drips are complete use a pallet knife or spoon to fill in the top of the cake in a circular motion. Add your decoration and sprinkles at this point as it will start to dry out fast. And obviously i use my Cake toppers to Decorate.

Hope this helps and remember to keep tagging your creation at #amycakes

Art Cake

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