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Sugar Rose Pale Pink 13mm (38 pcs)

Sugar Rose Pale Pink 13mm (38 pcs)

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Beautiful handmade sugar roses in warm white, perfect for adding as a finishing touch to a wedding or special occasions cake. Made from a soft sugar paste, these edible sugar roses have a pleasing texture and light vanilla flavour.

Each rose measures approx 13mm, boxed 38.


><THIS PRODUCT IS FREE OF E171, ALSO KNOWN AS TITANIUM DIXOIDE and as such the colour is slightly darker than our previous white SugarSoft® roses

NOTE: Colours may vary slightly between batches and sizes.

These delicate edible roses are made by hand from a soft sugar paste with a light vanilla flavour. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a perfect colour match for all sizes and batches produced, the shades may vary slightly if they were produced at different times. These sugar flowers are made individually to look as natural as possible and therefore variances can occur. For best results, we advise that the SugarSoft® roses should be kept out of direct light and stored in a cool, dry place. The roses should remain like this until they are ready to be used as any contact with light could result in colours fading or bleaching. For more accurate colour matches, we recommend using roses that were produced in the same batches. 

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