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Saracino Light Blue Modelling Paste 250g

Saracino Light Blue Modelling Paste 250g



Top quality Award Winning Modelling Paste gives excellent results.

This paste contains cocoa butter. This assists with initial stiffening when modelling. It does not dry out immediately which offers you time to easily correct any imperfections.

Our modelling paste is extremely elastic and strong. It can be modelled without cracking. When worked it maintains its form.


It can be finely moulded which assists with delicate work such as laces, moulds and small flowers. It also has a subtle aroma and taste.



It can be easily mixed with gel and powder colours.

  • Prepare by kneading and working until soft and pliable.
  • It is normal for the paste to feel hard when un-packaged.
  • Model as required

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