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Renshaw Covering Paste White 2.5Kg

Renshaw Covering Paste White 2.5Kg

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Renshaw Premium Cover Paste is a brilliant white ready to use covering paste which is slightly firmer and more elastic than the standard Renshaw White Covering Paste. It softens down easily but retains a firmness and stretch which is ideal for covering larger and deeper cakes.

Ingredients: sugar (80%), glucose syrup, vegetable oil (palm), water, humectant: E422, emulsifier: E471, stabiliser: E466, preservative: E202, natural flavouring.

May contain traces of: egg, soy, milk, sulphur dioxide and sulphites (E220-E228) at concentrations of more than 10 mg/kg or 10 mg/l, expressed as SO2.

Nutritional values: energy 1704 kJ / 403 kcal, fat 6,0 g of which saturated 3,3 g, carbohydrate 87,0 g of which sugars 83,0 g, protein 0,0 g, salt 0,1 g per 100 g.

This product is: Kosher certified, Halal certified, suited for vegetarians.

Content: 2,5 kg.

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