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Poppy Red Luxury Sugarpaste 2.5kg

Poppy Red Luxury Sugarpaste 2.5kg



Cake- Pack Luxury Sugarpaste is a premium sugarpaste perfect for covering large, tall cakes and creating sharp edges. It has been developed to be extra firm but with elasticity  that can be rolled extra thin for a smooth, high quality finish. It is suitable for all climates but has been developed for use in extra humidity.

  • It has been developed to deliver the qualities a professional sugarcrafter would expect from a high performance sugarpaste.
  • Cake-Pack Luxury Sugarpaste has a light vanilla flavour  and will not crack or craze even when used on challenging shapes and designs.
  • It makes icing a cake so simple!


      How to Use

  • 1. Knead icing on a clean, dry surface until smooth and pliable.Make sure it is kept at room temperature
  • 2. Lightly dust surface with icing sugar and roll the icing to 1-2mm thick.
  • 3. Lift with the rolling pin and drape over prepared cake. Run your hand over the top of the cake then secure under the top edge.
  • 4. Smooth down the sides with the palm of your hand, and if you have one, finish with a smoother. Finally, trim the excess icing.

Top Tips

For minor cracks and imperfections, smooth gently with the palm of your hand, or if you have one, use the rough side of a flexi smoother while the icing is still fresh.


For best results, coat your cake first with marzipan, buttercream or ganache.


Store in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate or freeze. Once opened, wrap paste in cling film, and place inside an air tight container to prevent drying out.


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