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Peppa Pig Cutter Pk 4

Peppa Pig Cutter Pk 4



Enhance your baking adventures with the Peppa Pig & Family Embossing Cookie Cutter Set from Dr. Oetker, tailor-made for kids' parties or birthdays. This charming set of four cookie cutters brings the beloved Peppa Pig and her family to life, allowing young bakers to create delicious cookies.

Peppa Pig & Family Embossing Cookie Cutter Set:

  • Cute Peppa Pig designs: Capture the essence of Peppa Pig's world with detailed embossed designs of Peppa, George, and their family. Each cookie becomes a mini-masterpiece, making it a delightful and visually appealing addition to any kids' party.
  • Versatile baking fun: Besides birthdays, these embossing cookie cutters are versatile for various gatherings. Whether it's a Peppa Pig party or just a playdate, the set adds a personal touch to your cookies, making them perfect for a whole range of occasions.
  • Also perfect to create cut outs to decorate your cake.
  • Easy and kid-friendly: These cookie cutters are designed with child-friendliness in mind and are easy to use and safe. The well-defined embossed details ensure clear imprints, so little hands can actively participate in the baking process. Parents can bake stress-free, and children can enjoy the fun of making their favorite Peppa Pig characters.

In summary, the Dr. Oetker Peppa Pig & Family Embossing Cookie Cutter Set is a delightful choice for young bakers who want to infuse their creations with Peppa Pig magic. Make every party special with these charming embossed cookies that add a touch of whimsy to your sweet moments.

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