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Fun Cakes Flavour 100g Lemon Zest

Fun Cakes Flavour 100g Lemon Zest



This FunCakes flavour pasta has a delicious lemon zest flavour and is ideal for adding flavour to your buttercream, bavarois, ice-cream and various fillings.

FunCakes flavour pastas can be added to batter and are also suitable to bake with. They are perfect for adding a delicious flavour to your batter for sponge cakes or cupcakes. Add the recommend dosage listed on the package to your batter. If you’re baking at high temperatures (over 200°C), add some extra flavour pasta because this weakens the strength of the flavour. The flavour pasta can also be added to chocolate ganache.

Ingredients: sugar, lemon peel (33%), water, flavouring, acid: E330, stabiliser: E466, safflower (extract).

This product is: contains alcohol.

Net content: 100 g.

Store in a dry, dark place.

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