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Frost Form - 9" Tall Scraper (22.9cm)

Frost Form - 9" Tall Scraper (22.9cm)



Introducing our Stainless Steel Cake Scraper, the indispensable tool for baking enthusiasts and professional bakers alike. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this scraper ensures durability and ease of maintenance as it's dishwasher safe, simplifying cleanup after creating your delicious treats.

With its exceptional design, this scraper allows for versatile usage: easily heat it using a blow torch or hot water for an unparalleled cake decorating experience. The convenient handy hole is perfect for effortless storage by hanging, keeping your kitchen organized.

Featuring a built-in ruler, it ensures precise measurements for achieving the ideal cake height. But that's not all—this scraper boasts an ultra-thin profile, guaranteeing a razor-smooth and sharp finish on your cakes, achieving bakery-quality results at home. Say goodbye to uneven edges and hello to flawlessly finished cakes with our Stainless Steel Cake Scraper.

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