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Edible Prints - No editing

Edible Prints - No editing




Select this option only  if you require NO EDITING.

This means your uploaded image will be printed as you have uploaded.There will be no editing done on your uploaded image,It will need to be a jpeg or pdf.

Your graphic could be a sheet of cupcake toppers, a round or square photo or several irreglar shapes, the design and layout will need to be created before uploading your jpeg or pdf.

If the design is uploaded with images that are not the right size or shape etc, they will be printed as it is uploaded.

If you order this option and you do require editing (any resizing or placing ) your order will not be processed until the correct amount is paid. This will delay your order significantly.  


Here is how to order:

Step 1. Create your ready to print graphic

Step 2: Upload your single PDF or JPEG file to this product

Step 3: Add to your cart.

Step 4: Proceed with order as normal

Note: Repeat steps to add other pages. 


To apply your print onto your cake/cupcakes etc. just slightly wet the back of the image and position. If you are placing it on  buttercream you do not need to wet it. We recommend that the print never goes into the fridge or a cold room as it may sweat and may run the colors.

For a upgraded look, you can apply the edible sheet to sugarpaste as a backing.


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