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Many items are unavailable from suppliers or are held up in Customs.

We have had to stop creating edible images as supplies are held in customs

.As soon as deliveriy arrives we will start prints again.

Expect delays due to Covid Restrictions & Brexit

Current Average Shipping Times:

ROI 1-2 Working Day / UK 2-3 Working days. 

Edible Prints - No editing

Edible Prints - No editing

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Due to a a large increase in prints that require editing we have had to put in a system to cover cost for editing services. There will be no extra costs if you require no editing services.

Select this option if you require NO EDITING. This means Images will need to placed and sized onto and a4 sheet and sent in before using this option.


If you order this option and you do require editing (any resizing or placing ) your order will not be processed until the correct amount is paid. This will delay you order significantly.  

Here is how to order:

Step 1. Edit and save your 200mmx 250mm portrait page as a jpeg or PDF . (You can find editing apps on your phone or online. )

Step 2: Upload your single PDF OR JPEG file to this product.

Step 3: Add to your cart.

Step 4: Proceed with order as normal

Note: Repeat steps to add other pages. 

We Pride ourselves with the highest quality edible images available. With years of experience in developing Sugar sheets, inks and printers we are the experts in our field. And with a combination of this and graphic design background we promise to get you the results you wish for your edible creation.

Your image is printed on a full sheet and if you require to cut out cupcake toppers or any shapes just use a sharp craft knife.

To apply your print onto your cake/cupcakes etc. just slightly wet the back of the image and position. If you are placing it on fresh cream or buttercream you do not need to wet it. We recommend that the print never goes into the fridge or a cold room as sugar sweats and may run the colors.


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