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Deluxe Dusting Brush 2Pk

Deluxe Dusting Brush 2Pk



The tools of your trade assist you in creating the best cakes possible, and the quality of these tools is very important.

I'm happy to be able to offer you the perfect brushes to use for your cake decorating, I have developed these with you in mind.

They include a set of 2 professional brushes which are ideal for dusting, painting Large surfaces or painting a water color effect.

With a sleek handle and chunky grip you can paint with ease.

If using paints or creating your own with glaze products please clean immediately.

To create your own paint mix either Dipping solution (also called rejuvinator spirit) or Confectioners Glaze (shellac) with a edible dust of your choice and paint onto your fondant.

Or even better order the fantastic Edible Art paints!

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