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Colour Bomb - Super Strength Powdered Colour - Frozen Ice - 4g

Colour Bomb - Super Strength Powdered Colour - Frozen Ice - 4g



What it is:

Super strength water activated food colouring powders with no funny taste. These aren't like anything you've tried before!

Why we love Colour Bomb :

  • 3-4 times more concentrated powdered colours then traditional colouring. 
  • Powder form gives you much more control of how you hse it. 
  • Won't alternate the consistency of what your using.
  • No funny taste.
  • Can also be used to paint.
  • 100% edible 

Use your Colour Bomb with:

  • Buttercream
  • Ganache
  • Cake batter ( excellent for red velvet ) 
  • Macarons 
  • Meringue
  • Whipped cream 
  • Cookie dough
  • Sugar paste 
  • Isomalt/candy
  • Royal icing
  • So much more ! 

How to use Colour Bomb:

A little goes a long way ! Use 1/16th of a tsp or the tip or a knife to start out and add more if required. You will need more for a dark black etc. 

Activate using water, cream, eggs or milk and much more, Basically anything with water in it! Our favorite things to use it with are buttercream, red velvet cake, ganache and much more.

Your colour will continue to activate as times goes by. Leave for at least 30 mins and check again. 

You can also use these to paint ! Just mix with dipping solution/alcohal. Mix with our White White Colour Bomb to create an opaque base first and then add your color for best results.

These won't work in chocolate on its own. But if your making ganache add it to your cream to activate and you will create some incredible coloured ganache. Perfect for drips or ganaching your cakes!

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