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Colour Splash Classic - Oil Colour Green 30ml

Colour Splash Classic - Oil Colour Green 30ml



The new range of Oil Colours from Colour Splash Classic are the best value oil colours around! The range is perfect for colouring anything with a fat or oil base like buttercream, cake mix, chocolate and more. Each handy 30ml bottle comes with a screw top nozzle for easy control and flow of colour, meaning a little can be added at a time to gradually build up to the required shade. The oil colourings will not alter the consistency or the taste of the product it is being added to and colours can even be mixed to achieve new shades, for example adding small amounts of red to yellow coloured buttercream will produce a fabulous zesty orange colour!

These liquid colourings provide quality results at best value prices and really are a must-have for any cake decorator. Available in six bright colours: red, black, yellow, blue, pink and green.

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