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Bunting Letter Set SWEET STAMP

Bunting Letter Set SWEET STAMP



The OUTboss Bunting Letter Set

The OUTboss Bunting letter set which is a beautiful bunting styled letter set that allows you to create custom messaging with a 3D raised effect. This set has 2 ways of using it, depending on what final look you're looking for on your cakes & bakes. Choose from either a simple OUTboss effect by simply pressing your letters into your fondant. Or you can try the viral 2-tone effect which you can press in different coloured fondant to the stamp and transfer that onto another piece on fondant to make your messaging pop!

Technique 1:

1. Roll your fondant approx. 3mm thick
2.Remove letters from the tray and arrange as desired. Press the PickUpPad® on top of the letters/numbers. The letters will stick to the PickUpPad®.
3. Press the letters onto fondant, applying an even pressure. Emboss the letters on a flat surface.
4. Lift up the PickUpPad® to reveal the design.
5. Paint or leave unpainted as desired.

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