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Wedding & City Elements Silho Cake Mould

Wedding & City Elements Silho Cake Mould

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Perfect for a number of different wedding and celebration cakes, the Wedding and City Elements mat by Silho Cakes allows you to recreate a huge range of superbly detailed silhouettes.

Create a huge range of wondrous cityscape designs with the Wedding and City Elements Silho Cake Mould, superb for adorning side tiers as well as cupcake tops and other baked decorations!

The Wedding and City Elements mould is much like a Cake Lace mat and can even be used with Cake Lace as well as the Silho Cake Mix. The mat features a multitude of different silhouetted designs suitable for an entire range of wedding and celebration cakes. With so many different beautiful designs, you will find yourself using the mat over and over again!

Some of the individual city elements include vintage lampposts, trees and bikes but the piece de resistance are the birds on a wire and the 2 immaculately detailed city skylines, absolutely perfect for wrapping around the side of a tier of a cake. The other portion of the mat has gorgeous silhouettes of couples in love as well as a number of images suitable for Christening and baby shower cakes!

The mat is incredibly simple to use, even if you have never used a mat similar to this previously. Simply mix the powder part and the liquid part of the mix together as per the instructions specified on the side of the tub. Then spread the mix over the mat, making sure any excess is removed. Then place the mat in the oven for the specified amount of time and once removed from the oven, the mix will come away from the mat with ease, leaving you with beautiful silhouettes ready to add to your cake.

Approx Size: 355 x 240mm.

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