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Square Tin 30cm/12"

Square Tin 30cm/12"

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Ideal for making delicious fruit and sponge cakes, including impressive wedding and celebration cakes. Forming part of the premium quality silver anodised MasterClass bakeware range, the silver anodised square deep cake pan absorbs heat quickly to cook evenly and throughout for a superior style of baking. The anodised process seals the aluminium so there's no taste transfer, leaching, blistering or peeling. With a smooth and easy to clean surface, the material creates tight corners and edges for precise cake detailing. A guarantee for many years of excellent cooking and baking. Silver anodised bakeware is the latest ingredient to be added to your bakeware mixture, making MasterClass a one stop shop for your entire selection of high quality kitchenware.Cook with confidence using kitchen tools and equipment that are perfect for the aspiring chef. A true MasterClass.

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