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Natural Pearl Hybrid Lustre Dust 2.5g - Roxy & Rich

Natural Pearl Hybrid Lustre Dust 2.5g - Roxy & Rich

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Add an iridescent, shimmer finish to your decorations using the Roxy & Rich Pearl Hybrid Lustre Dusts.

The Roxy & Rich Pearl Lustre Dust range is excellent for getting that final iridescent finish on your decorations.

The Pearl Lustres are available in several colours and allow you to get a metallic shine in a colour of your choice that can be seen when reflected in the light.

The Pearl Lustre range is perfect for adding a finishing touch to embellishments, edible jewellery, models and toppers where you really want to draw to the eye.

PLEASE NOTE: Colours may appear different in the pot than how they apply. This is perfectly normal. We advise testing a swatch so you can see what the final results will be. To get the most vibrant colours, we advise mixing with alcohol, lemon juice or rejuvenator spirit to make a paint.

Another great benefit of the Pearl Hybrids Lustres is adding a reflective finish to your pearls. Simply wet the pearls with a little water, place them into a bag with a small sprinkling of the pearl lustre dust, and roll them in the bag until they are covered. Just like larger cake decorations you’ll get great coverage and a beautiful shimmer.

The Pearl Hybrid Lustres are incredibly simple to use and can be dry brushed on, or mixed with alcohol, lemon juice or rejuvenator spirit to form an edible paint. You can also mix it with piping gel for the added colour and shine as well as sugar water to form an airbrush colour, although we strongly advise cleaning your airbrush thoroughly before and after doing this. 

These lustres can even be used on chocolate as well as the usual decorating mediums such as fondant/sugarpaste, modelling paste, marzipan and florist paste.

The Pearl Hybrid Lustre colours are:

Gluten Free.

Lactose Free.

Nut Free.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Water soluble.


 Blue Pearl: E555, E171

Gold Pearl: E555, E171

Green Pearl: E555, E171

Natural Pearl: E555, E171

Orange Pearl: E555, E171

Red Pearl: E555, E171

Super Pearl: E555, E171

Violet Pearl: E555, E171

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