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Mary Ann Flan Tin 27cm

Mary Ann Flan Tin 27cm

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This Professional Non-Stick Mary Ann Cake Pan is Chicago Metallic's fresh take on a classic piece of American bakeware. Its design has all the traditional features you need to bake authentic Mary Ann sponges. There's a raised base, to leave you with that flat raised centre you can easily fill once your cake's cooled, and fluted edges to give it that stand-out quality.

However, this 27 cm (10½ inch) fluted cake tin also adds two other secret ingredients - a heavy-duty construction and a premium non-stick coating. Its non-stick coating releases baked sponges quickly, easily and without damaging their defined shapes. With its heavy-duty design, you can rely on this sponge flan tin to make superior sponges, time and time again.

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