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Cellophane Roll - 80cm x 30m

Cellophane Roll - 80cm x 30m

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This large roll of clear cellophane is perfect for bakers looking to wrap their cakey goods, whether they're gifts for friends and family or keeping customer's bakes fresher for longer.

Being 100% food safe, this cellophane is perfect for wrapping all sorts of homemade treats, including cakes, muffins, sweets, chocolates, cookies and so much more.

Cellophane is also a great way to wrap and present gift hampers in a clean and hygienic way - and being food safe, you don't need to worry about food contact.

The cellophane is folded in half on the roll, making it easy to store away and saves valuable space.

The cellophane measures 80cm x 30 metres. When folded on the roll, it measures 40cm x 30 metres.

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