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Cake Frame Tiers and Spheres Kit

Cake Frame Tiers and Spheres Kit

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Create unbelievable gravity-defying cakes as well as the most elegant wedding cakes with the Tiers and Spheres CakeFrame Kit.

The Tiers and Spheres CakeFrame Kit is multifunctional and allows you to easily stack tiered cakes and also make the structure for gravity-defying cakes.

CakeFrame is extremely simple to use. With a selection of food-safe rods, connectors and platforms, you can easily create support structures for any cake, no matter how weird or wonderful and due to its simplicity, it can be used by decorators of all abilities.

The kit eliminates the need to dowel cakes. You can simply create a structure that holds all tiers in place, meaning you can also transport your cake ready-built. This will save you a huge amount of time if transporting a wedding or competition cake as you won’t have transport individual tiers and build it at the venue. The Tiers and Spheres Kit will allow you to create a two or three tiered cake.

The kit also allows you to create spherical and gravity-defying cakes. These sorts of cakes are perfect for birthdays and celebrations where you really want to impress your guests.

The kit can be reused over and over again but is cost effective enough that you can dispose of it after one use if you prefer. It can be used to create a huge range of different novelty and tiered cakes as well as the ones pictured, so you can apply it to your own unique cake designs.

• Ideal for making celebration cakes
• Reinforces without being visible
• Specially designed for multi-tiered and spherical cakes
• Interchangeable components fit seamlessly together
• Dishwasher safe

The Tiers and Spheres Kit is made up of the following parts: 25cm diameter base board with 12 blanking caps, foundation rod, 3 medium rods, 3 short rods, medium platform, small platform and 2 white collars

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