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Blue Metallic Cake Balloons 2 Pk

Blue Metallic Cake Balloons 2 Pk

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Mini Confetti balloons - 2pk

Add an extra flair to your cakes with a mini confetti Balloon. These are super CUTE and very TRENDY for celebration cakes, creating a fun and classy addition to your cakes!

Blow up manually or with helium.

The Set of 2 includes 2 balloons, 2 holders and 2 matching Sticks. To assemble, blow up balloons, tie knot and attached knot to the holder, fold the top of the paper straw stick and insert into holder. Then pop into your cake for an instant WOW effect!

To help confetti stick to side of balloons use static. Eg. Rub a towel or static material around balloons.

Balloons stay inflated from 6hrs-24hrs depending on heat.

Decorate with a ribbon or bow of your Choice

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