10 Petal Rose Nifty Nozzle

10 Petal Rose Nifty Nozzle



With this large, detailed nozzle your can make beautiful flowers in one motion! The nozzles are great for decorating cupcakes, cakes and more. The original Nifty Nozzles are an invention of two talented ladies from Russia.

We only sell the genuine original, so not a bad Chinese copy. The Nifty Nozzles are marked with the manufactures mark of authentic.

How to use the Nifty Nozzles:

  • Prepare the nozzle, wash in hot water and dry.
  • Prepare the piping bag, cut to allow the nozzle to pop out 1-2mm of the piping bag.
  • Insert the nozzle in the bag.
  • Place the buttercream in the bag with nozzle (buttercream must be room temperature).
  • Place the nozzle to the base of the cupcake or cake, squeezing to form a base, then gently lift off the nozzle, squeezing the buttercream on to the cake, squeeze and pull slowly and lift off at your preferred height. The shorter the flower the wider it is, the taller the more the petals close in. Recommended height of the flower of 1-2 cm.
  • Clean the end of the nozzle with a damp cloth. Than use again for your next flower.
  • Use a leaf nozzle to fill in gaps between the flowers, this will complement the overall effect.
  • If the buttercream is too soft the buds will closed. Pop into the fridge if necessary.
  • After use, wash in hot soapy water and dry.

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