Cake Cream - Whisper white - 200g

Cake Cream - Whisper white - 200g

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Cake cream is a Swiss Meringue Butterceam mix. Just add Water and butter and it's ready in minutes!

Swiss meringue butterceam is not as sweet as traditional butterceam, its much lighter and has a silky smooth consistency.

It's fantastic for piping and will create a super smooth finish on your cakes just like a pro! Normally Swiss Meringue Butterceam involves a lot of work, taking up to an 30-40 minutes to make... Now you can make it  7-10 minutes thanks to Cake Cream ! 

Cake Cream will set firm when chilled, which will allow you to cover your cakes in sugar paste.

200g will make enough to fill and Frost a 6" round 4" High cake or 24 Cupcakes. 

Cake Cream is flavoured vanilla and can be flavoured and coloured as per normal butterceam. 

Cake Cream is designed to make life easy so the recipe doesn't require any weighing out ! Use a small block of butter and using a jug pour out 125 ml of water.. it's that quick and easy ! 

The mix is suitable for vegetarian and is dairy Free ( Please add dairy free butter to the mix if you are catering for dairy allergans). Contains egg. May come into contact with gluten. Contains Alcohal.

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